“For those who love Retro music”


  • Perfoming at city days, fairs.
  • Corporate summer days and costume parties.
  • Weddings, jubilees.
  • Outside and inside concert programs.


    • Via Baltika performs “Retro” music.
    • The bands repertoire mainly includes songs by popular soviet, american and english artists of the 1970s.
    • Music program – All songs are arranged by Via Baltika in their own key, but are nevertheless distinguishable.
    • Performance – just like it was in the 70s. The stage is decorated in reminiscence of the era: big amplifiers, great drumset, costumes, dazzling effects and a colorful light show.
    • Via Baltika performs songs by many legendary artists like: Jaak Joala ja Radar, Ivo Linna, Tõnu Aare ja Apelsin, Anne Veski, Tõnis Mägi ja Music Seif, Лейся Песня, Весёлые Ребята, Синяя Птица, Аракс, Юри Антонов, Машина времени , Tom Jones, KC Sunshine Band, The Beatles, Billy Ocean, The Osmonds, Christie and others.
    • We are always open to our clients to discuss the musical and onstage formula of the show, to find the best solution for the occasion.
    • Via Baltika performs songs in estonian, russian and english languages with the musical selection ranging from the 1960s to the 1980s. Often at events there are also foreign guests who may not be familiar with some music, so we do our best to arrange the setlist accordingly with the organizer.

VB offers musical projections as follows:

  • Regular event format: 3x40min with pauses
  • Concert program: 1h 40min

For your consideration!

  • VB does not take requests while performing on stage or inbetween sets.
  • Via Baltika is not the best musical choice if you are in need of modern pop/rock music to be played at your event.
  • During the performance we don’t rent out our equipment to other performers unless it has been previously agreed upon.


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