If plans have been arranged for the event and Via Baltika has been chosen as your choice of entertainment, then we can discuss furthermore about the project.

Via Baltika also offers “The Complete Solution”

      • Sound Eqipment.
      • Lighting Equipment.
      • Special Effects.
      • DJ Service.

    You can check out our available equipment under the “RENT” section of the website.

Setup of The Party Room

  • The placement and usage of the bands equipemnt depends on the rooms features.
  • The room should be setup cpmvemiantly so that there would be enough space for the guests to move frely between the dining tables and the dancefloor +the band should be visible from all viewpoints of the room.
  • Extra equipment for the host.
  • Space for the catering service.

Event Structure

    • If a host has been hired then Via Baltika will cooperate in the technical structure of the event until its end.

Technical Needs and Solutions

    • The band needs enough electricity for its equipment, there for it is necessery to consult with people who are in charge of those operations in order to avoid unwanted problems.



    • In the occurance that the event is powered by poor electricity, the band has the right to cancel its performance until it has been provided with voltage under normal conditions.
    • Electricity in use should be grounded safely.
    • Industrial flows phases are distributed separately.
    • Starting point of the current – the distance from the source of the current to its destination should be known.
    • The band needs convenient access for the transport of the equipment.
    • There should be a few parking spaces reserved for the bands transportation.
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