Pelgulinn Party

Pelgulinn Party

  • Location:Tallinn
  • Venue:Pelgulinn
  • Length:15:00 – 16:00

On May 27, 2023, one of the most anticipated bands, Via Baltika, will be performing at the Pelgulinna Party. This unique band, supported by the North Tallinn Government through the local initiative program, has garnered a lot of attention with their retro 90s music in Estonian, Russian, and English.
Via Baltika is a four-member band comprising talented musicians, including a bass player, drummer, guitarist, and vocalist. They have created a unique musical style by combining melodic pop music, rock, and a nostalgic atmosphere from the 90s.

The band’s goal is to bring back the music of the 90s while creating a contemporary sound that appeals to both younger and older music lovers. Via Baltika has created an excellent blend of well-known retro hits, taking them to a new level with modern sound production. Their repertoire includes many beloved songs in Estonian, Russian, and English, providing entertainment for different audiences.

Pelgulinna Party is a grand event that attracts visitors who want to enjoy good music and entertainment. Via Baltika is undoubtedly one of the headliners who will get the crowd dancing and singing along. Their energetic performance and charismatic stage presence create an unforgettable atmosphere and offer the audience a memorable experience.

In summary, Via Baltika is a band that offers a unique musical experience at the Pelgulinna Party on May 27, 2023. Their retro 90s songs in Estonian, Russian, and English bring back nostalgic memories and provide entertainment for all music lovers. Expect a fantastic performance and an unforgettable atmosphere brought to you by Via Baltika!

13:45 Kolde Kindergarten performance
14:10 Boris Lehtlaan
14:40 Kaarli Church Choir and Kaarli Congregation Youth Ensemble
15:10 VIA Baltika
15:55 Seto-language theater and dance instruction
16:55 JohMär
17:25 Desiree
17:40 Mira
18:10 Flamenco, Ethno, Oriental Men, Gypsies
18:40 Marju Länik and Band

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