VIA Baltika | Vocal-Instrumental Ensemble

Ensemble Via Baltika „VB“, was founded in april 2013 for the purpose of playing hit songs from popular soviet artists of the 1970s. They play songs mainly by Estonian and Russian composers but also by English and American ones. The bands repertoire includes songs by: “Jaak Joala & Radar”,  Лейся Песня, Весёлые Ребята, Ivo Linna & Apelsin, Синяя Птица, Аракс, Юри Антонов, Tõnis Mägi, and many others.

Via Baltika seeks out to play for the following events: city days, fairs, jubilee events, private parties, company summer days, reunions, indoor & outdoor concerts.

All songs are arranged by Via Baltika in their own key, but are nevertheless distinguishable. Our setlist includes songs which people can easily recognize and sing along to. VB performs songs in estonian-, russian-and english languages. The members of the band wear costumes in reminiscence of the 70s era.

Equipment: VB uses their own stage gear, setup and transport.


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