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In case you haven’t hired a band before, we have put together a list of questions, which will be a great helper in organizing the event.

  • There are many ways in figuring out the price. An important factor is the artists “techincal rider”, which contains a list of necessary requests, like a “backstage” or techincal needs, such assound and lighting equipment.
  • The price should also include the cost of transport for the band and equipment.

When will the event take place?

Usually the band is informed of the event atleast 3-6 months in advance, for holidays it should usually be 6-12 months. Often bands are already engegad to different events or otherwise busy, so the sooner it is decided to hire the band, the more likely it will be that the band is available for the event.

Does the event take place inside or outside, or both?

If the event takes place outside, then it is necessary for the band to perform under corresponding conditions. Those conditions would be: a waterresitant tent/roof and
stable construction of the stage. If there haven’t been done proper preperations for the performance area, then the band may refuse to play at the event.

Size of the performance area

  • When preparing the event, it is necessary to consider an apprpriate size of the stage, so that the instruments, amplifiers. drumset and other equipment would fit on the stage.
  • There should be enough space for the dancefloor so that everybody would feel comfortable.

Has the technical equipment been provided with enough electricity?

The band needs enough electricity for its equipment, there for it is necessery to consult with people who are in charge of those operations in order to avoid unwanted problems.

  • Electric voltage fluctuation may damage equpiment and instruments and may shut down the event, which can cause damages for the band, the building and the event itself.
  • Electricity in use should be grounded safely.

  • In the occurance that the event is powered by poor electricity, the band has the right to cancel its performance until it has been provided with voltage under normal conditions.

Location, sound equipment and planning

  • Information about the location of the event helps the musicians of the band plan their logistics. The members are from different locations so the info about the location is important to be explained.
  • Once the equipment has been placed and setup, it would be very inconvinient to reposition to another location due to the time-consuming process which goes into the
    planning the of stage (the band would have to disengage and lift the heayv equipment again while also needing to another soundcheck). This should be avoided.
  • It should be considered that the equipment is heavy and there for takes up alot of time.
  • The band needs convienint access for transpoirtation of the quipment.

Does the venue have sound equipment?

  • Musicians often prefer to perform with their own personal equipment or with rented out equipment to provide a high quality performance. In case it has been agreed upon that sound equipemtn from the venue will be used, then the band may provide a “technical rider”, which contains a list of technical requisites about sound and lighting equipment. Often the person in charge of dealing with the technical needs of the band is the bands sound technician, who is also a member of the band. The band may refuse and demand additional equipment if the one available is of poor quality. There are many reasons why the sound equipment may be in poor condition: the electronics are old and depreciated, the equipment has been poorly maintained, insufficient power, etc.
  • It is worthwhile to ask the band for a proper technical solution.

Technical needs, the band and other performers?

Who is providing the sound equipment for the event? The band, the host, performers, speakers, DJs – everybody needs proper sound and its reasonable to order equipment from the same provider.

  • The band needs sound mixing to perform well.
  • The host needs to use cordless microphones if they want to move around.
  • If the host or guests wish to perform then it should be noted that the band member dont loan out their instruments.

NB! Drunk guests are not welcome to come on stage and the organizer needs to take care of unwanted situations.

Event structure and the band’s competence?

When planning the event, it is useful to determine as precisely as possible what the artist’s task is at your party. It is importart for the band to know when is their performance going to start and when is the time for the “final chord”. This helps the band plan its time and logistics.

  • The usual performance time is around 3×40 minutes.
  • Also, it is useful to specify the performance repertoire with the ensemble.

After the bands performance and DJ?

  • Is there a need for sound equipment after the band and has it been previously agreed upon?
  • If you wish that after the band music would continue playing then put together a setlist of songs and inform the DJ.

What happens during breaks and background music?

  • What happens when the band takes a break inbetween sets? Has the background music been planned on and who is in charge of the playlist? It’s important to know what type of music should be played during the event, so that guests would be comfortable.
  • You can also let us know if you need background music and we can always help out.

Do you have a wishlist?

Altough musicians are experienced with a wide variety of musical knowledge, songs that you would wish to be played should be consulted with the band before they perform. The ensemble typically doesn’t take requests and performs song based on the setlist.

  • Most of the time these sort of bands stay true to their style which ensures quality.
  • Bands that take requests usually need be informed of the songs before they perform, so that they could practice before they play.

How is the backstage organised?

The event takes up the whole day for the performes: the drive to destination to the drive back and everything inbetween.

  • When the band arrives to the location, the equipment needs to be set in place and it is normally done by the members themselves.
  • Soundcheck needs to take place after the equipment has been installed, so that the quality of the performance in ensured.
  • At the end of the event, the removal of the sound equipment, loading work and returning to the destination will take place.
  • The prepare for the event the band needs a backstage to: hold their personal belongings, change costumes, take care of the instruments.
  • The room shouldn’t be avaiable to other people, it should be room temperature and furnished with seats, coat rack and mirros. There should be a WC and the room itself has to be locked.


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